Our Pride

What we do:


Pride on the Corner is a social venture dedicated to serving the LGBTQ+ community. We partner with businesses located on University Avenue in Charlottesville, Virginia to make The Corner near UVa safe and inclusive for queer people. We are proud to offer spaces for the LGBTQ+ identified and their allies. Pride on the Corner is the only effort of its kind to make The Corner safe, inclusive, and fun for everyone!


What we offer:


We ensure that locations celebrating Pride on the Corner are free of LGBTQ+ harassment and discrimination by ensuring that security is trained in LGBTQ+ issues, offering music that is free of homophobia/transphobia, and neutralizing bathroom gender. We also utilize our Charlottesville connections to bring great LGBTQ+ friendly events and products to The Corner. In addition, we work with each business’ staff to provide great food and drink specials that you can only get during Pride on the Corner

We use a portion of our proceeds to support local and national LGBTQ+ advocacy groups including, but not limited to, Trans Lifeline and the Trevor Project. Finally, we support and advocate for the work of other local LGBTQ+ based organizations and business, such as the LGBTQ+ Center at UVa, IMPULSE Gay-Social Club, and Cville Pride.